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Sorts of wood:
The wood which has rather law energetic value. Ideal for kindling.
Birch wood has high energetic value, is suitable for kindling as well for keeping flame in hearth. It burns with intensive flame.
Dense and hard wood which has very high fuel value and provides longer consuming. Suits for all kinds of fireplaces.
Perfect fuel – is highly valued for its dense, burns slowly and keeps flame in hearth for a very long time
Wood which has lower energetic value. The great merit of alder is that it burns even it has high moisture content. Alder wood dries fast.
Elm wood is hard and has high fuel value, it contains low water content.
Very hard wood with the highest fuel value – higher than beach wood and oak wood.

Fuel value of dried wood [ kWh/stere] if moisture content is 15- 18 %
Kind of woodFuel value [kWh/stere]
hornbeam 2200
beech 2100
oak 2100
ash 2100
robinia-acacia 2100
birch 1900
elm 1900
maple 1900
alder 1500
willow 1400
poplar 1400

Energetic value of wood [Gj/m3]
moisture content [%]beech ,oakbirchalder When analyzing the table, remember that
that in freshly cut wood the water content ranges from 50-60%. Therefore, in the case of burning with wet wood, the energy generated during its combustion is mainly used for so-called, boiling-drying, wood,
and then it translates into the actual heating value. It can be assumed that the real calorific value of wood with a moisture content of 15% is almost twice as high as the calorific value of wood with a humidity of 50%..
0 10,83 9,69 7,98
15 10,59 9,47 7,80
20 10,49 9,38 7,73
25 10,37 9,28 7,64
30 10,24 9,17 7,55
35 10,09 9,03 7,44
40 9,92 9,87 7,31
45 9,71 8,69 7,16
50 9,46 8,47 6,97
55 9,16 8,19 6,75
60 8,78 7,85 6,47


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